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Career at Coroplast Your contact persons

Would you like to know more about your boarding opportunities at Coroplast?
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Carolin Rüthers
Commercial Apprenticeship
T +49 202 2681 311
Carolin Rüthers - Kaufmännische Ausbildung
Selin Korkmaz
T +49 202 2681 428
Carolin Rüthers - Kaufmännische Ausbildung
Manuela Juland
Technical Apprenticeship
T +49 202 2681 241
Carolin Rüthers - Kaufmännische Ausbildung


What does a commercial or industrial apprentice do at Coroplast? (German)

What does a trainee or working student do at Coroplast? (German)

What does a Team Leader Production Engineers do at Coroplast? (German)

What does a Global Project Manager do at Coroplast? (German)